Homage to hair
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From bouffants du jour and shampoo secrets of the stars to yesteryear's 'dos and you-know-you-want-it accessories, if it's about hair, you'll find it at the always entertaining Hair Hall of Fame.
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Oh, this is so fun. Penelope Tree, Bad girl with bow and butt and the basketweave (with the excellent comment "I think my father was married to her once...or twice"). As a kid I had a fascination with my older sister's hair processes; the bouffant year, the straight hair with flip year, the using empty coke cans as giant curlers, the long eyelash length bangs. Watching her get ready to go out was pure entertainment.
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There is a correlation here and here.
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Please explain the dimple just above the scalp, is it for smuggling?
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I have concluded that the volume of hair atop one's head should not exceed the volume of one's head.
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oooh, plus Ab Fab hair!!! Yay! They need to add this one.
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And I think this image deserves a special callout. (From here.)
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