Chef Boyardee
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26 years ago today, we said goodbye to Ettore Boiardi - who fed the Plaza Hotel, Woodrow Wilson, millions of GIs, and - more likely than not - you.

Famous Italian Dishes, published in the 1930s, is part of the Szathmary Recipe Pamphlet collection - one of the many interesting collections viewable at the Iowa Digital Library.
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Some supplemental info on Boiardi from our friends at snopes.

I'd be much more of a staunch defender of his product had he managed to invent that most perfect of foodstuffs: Spaghetti-O's, however.
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I had no idea there was a real Chef Boyardi! Thanks for the post.
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I have real genuine affection for Chef Boyardi. Turtle pasta (with meatballs!), a glass of milk, and a potato roll was my routine Saturday lunch throughout my childhood. Cartoons + chef boyardi is like happy brain crack for me.

Never was much of a fan of spaghetti-o's though.
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The "Chef Boiardi was a real person" was first introduced to me when this commercial came out in the early '90s. (poor quality, best I could find) Granted, commercials are no strangers to inventing real-life backstories for their fictitious founders, but this one was (more or less) the real deal.
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Oh man, do I have vivid memories of that commercial.

But yeah, spaghettiOs always had a distinctly foul taste to me--the sauce wasn't as sweet, and was so . . . orange. Though FrancoAmerican did have a line of spiral "gourmet" canned pasta for awhile that I liked.

Man, do I have opinions about canned pasta.
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Beefaroni would be high on my short list of things to have on a desert island.
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My house was more of a Mamma Leone house.

Do they still make that stuff? My afterschool snack for years.
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Growing up, I thought the Spaghetti-Os were rank. But the beef ravioli were divine!

Grazie, Chef Boiardi!
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This post is disgusting.
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I used to love love love their ravioli. I will not even think about eating it now for fear that I will hate hate pity hate my former self.
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Loved Beefaroni and the beef ravioli. Can't eat it today due only to allergies, but I would always have a can on the shelf just in case of emergency. Spaghetti-Os always seemed too watery and syrupy to be real food.
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I'm actually a little surprised to learn that he died so relatively recently. I would have guessed that he died in the 1970s.
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Yes he did feed me.

And gave me the poos.
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The ravioli, plus melted cheddar cheese, plus mustard. As a latchkey kid I would make myself a big dish of this and then take a book and a quilt out to my backyard and have a Chef Boyardee picnic. Good times...
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The ravioli, plus melted cheddar cheese, plus mustard. and your lived?
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Try it. TRUST ME.
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Here he is in the flesh. 1953 and 1980s (scroll ahead sixty seconds.)
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But this is the commercial I remember most vividly.
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