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German photographer Peter Langenhahn has an unusual approach to sports photography: he combines multiple images from numerous times in the competition into a collage, with striking effects.
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I was tempted to try the same thing with a baseball game recently, but haven't yet had the time or energy.
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Brilliant way of incorporating the dimension of time into a photograph.
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Very cool. I particularly love the gymnastics one, and the football fouls.
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Related, but different.

Another similar photo collage post. The link is dead, but you can find a gallery here.
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It's like old mosaics and classical paintings where the whole story is present in a single frame.
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These are fun!
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I once heard about a similar project done using footage of car accidents from a security camera in one of Helsinki's worst intersections, but I never came across it.
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Ha! I was just about to make some sort of Richard Scarry comment, but the second link did it for me. (I think I've just outed myself as one of those people who goes through the links backwards.)
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That's great.
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That "multiple images" link makes soccer look much more interesting that it really is.
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These are fantastic.
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Also, Gizmodo's shooting challenge did something like this recently.
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Those are fabulous. Thanks!
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Also, can I just say how much I fucking HATE Gawker websites now? Trying to find that Gizmodo shooting challenge post was... Miserable, to say the least.
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I do that with my kids in different poses and costumes using the PTGui panorama software. It's quite fun.
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Organised chaos!
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Modern technology.. meh.
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I like the photos. I hate the videos used to display static images and read text to me. No extra information but I lose all the features of written text.
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These are awesome.
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