The Welikia Project
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The Welikia Project goes beyond Mannahatta to encompass the entire city, discover its original ecology and compare it what we have today.
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My miniscule contribution to the US GDP is now rendered moot until Friday, at least.
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That is pretty damn amazing. I can only imagine how much better it will get. Thanks for posting this!
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Awesome, today's Trurl post.

Hope tomorrow's is as good.

And the following day's. Also, the day after that.
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little known fact: these days, due to being both a 'migration trap' and the only place for escaped pets to go, central park is one of the top ten bird-watching sites on the planet. I have seen swans, peacocks, hummingbirds, cockatoos, hawks, and screech owls (which are damn cute btw), and a bunch of others, all in the same day...and i'm not really a's hard not to notice...
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mek: "Eric Sanderson's TED talk on Mannahatta."

That's one of my favorite TED talks, ever.

Trurl, thanks for this. :)
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