August 28, 1999
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In the 'Automakers that don't get it' file comes this. Saab USA is spamming people to tell them about their new cars. Great, thanks to Saab USA's inept marketing department, I'll never buy a Saab in my entire life.
posted by mathowie (2 comments total)
my company does that, but we don't call it spam. its an "opt out mailing list"

however, most of the employees think it smells like processed animal meat.
posted by blindambition at 7:37 PM on August 28, 1999

I wanted to let Saab know that their campaign would probably backfire with technology workers; we'd hate spam and not buy their cars. So I sent a message to the reply address (which looked real) and a couple contact addresses I found buried in the site. They all bounced.
posted by mathowie at 1:05 AM on August 29, 1999

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