Parthenons of the Future
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Spomeniks are eerie, abandoned monuments to Communism in the former Eastern Bloc, once visited by millions. A belgian photographer, Jan Kempenaers, put together a series asking whether they can be viewed as pure sculpture. (Via pitchfork, oddly enough)

A member of the band Unknown Moral Orchestra found an image of one on a random image search site. After admiring it during the recording of their album, he used reverse image search to find out what it was, unaware of the collection of them.
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Beautiful. Just amazing.
posted by kittensofthenight at 5:57 PM on June 29, 2011

I call this one en passant.
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And this is just pure awesome. Great link(s).
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This is very cool, but something of a double, I'm afraid.
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What's "pure sculpture"?
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I don't care if it's a double. Let's talk about it some more. Like how we could write a science fiction script around these things, and how we would go about procuring a young Michael York to star in it.
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Presumably, sculpture without the encumbrance of history or context. (Good luck with that.)
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Well, they're abstract at least. It's not like they're giant Titos or anything.
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Since the post makes it clear that they commemorate WWII battles or concentration camps, the history they mark is still important and valuable, even if they were erected by government that is now despised.

And they are remarkable sculptures, in many cases.
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Boy, my wife took me to a park outside of Budapest that had a lot of this kind of art, and some of it on a pretty massive scale. (I keep telling myself I'm going to make a Picasa page for the photos I took, but never seem to get around it.) But if you're ever in Hungary, definitely it's not to be missed.
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OK, on review, the park in Budapest is much more socialist-realist than Spomeniks, apparently. But still -
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Man, most of them are something right out of a set from Zardoz. All we need is Sean Connery in red leather shorts being molested by immortals in some weird science cult.
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Some of these remind me of public art around Canberra, except competently executed.
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