Iran launches missile attack on Iraq
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Iran launches missile attack on Iraq Anyone seen this reported by other sources?
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Damn your quick on the draw dagny, gotta quit trying to write eloquent, curly commentary with my front page posts.

No, this is the only place I have seen this. Can we assume from this that Iran is backing a US led war in the Middle East? Sides are being drawn very quickly in the region. I heard on the radio this morning that China has backed Afghanistan. Things are shaping up to be more than we initially bargained for with all the fist shaking going on in Washington. I wonder if the pollsters have been asking people... 'Would you support a war against China?' Might get a few different answers than in some of these 89% pro war polls I have seen.
posted by jasonshellen at 8:59 AM on September 18, 2001

war against china? they just got clearance to join the WTO.

oh and there's the olympics...
posted by kliuless at 9:13 AM on September 18, 2001

jasonshellen: you don't have another link, do you?

posted by jeffvc at 9:19 AM on September 18, 2001

Still searching for a better link than this one: 'China says US military retaliation is not wise'. I heard the original 'China backs Afghanistan' report on the radio so I am trying to verify it's authenticity. Gimme a few minutes...
posted by jasonshellen at 9:28 AM on September 18, 2001

Can't find the link, but Jason maybe you're talking about the fact that China signed some sort of accord with Afghanistan on something. I believe the date of that story was 9.12.01
posted by eric anders at 9:35 AM on September 18, 2001

Ok, just heard on the radio that this was 'speculation from yesterday'. I am getting a little sick of the amount of speculation going on with the media and I am sorry to have perpetuated it. Although I guess it could be argued that anything is possible. This article seems to make a little more sense given China's interests.
posted by jasonshellen at 9:37 AM on September 18, 2001

hey, so i guess it is world war 3 then.
posted by moz at 10:05 AM on September 18, 2001

The news networks reported yesterday that China was sealing off its border with Afghanistan, because of fears of terrorists fleeing to China.
posted by jbelshaw at 10:35 AM on September 18, 2001

China signed an economic agreement with Afghanistan the day before the attack I believe, or was it on the day of the attack? China won't get into a war now - they'll want to get into a position of near economic equality with the US before trying that... Hey, they have the resources, they've introduced those capitalist areas (I went to Shenzen a little while back, looks very properous indeed, and these areas are growing ridiculously fast - cheap labour, resources etc). Ah, worrying gets you nowhere.. China won't support the Afghans come war - the Pakistanis might, but only after the army revolts..
posted by Mossy at 11:14 AM on September 18, 2001

When China reaches parity with the US they'll be as plugged in to the global economy as any other trading nation. War is bad for business, though they do have Muslim seperatists of their own.
posted by vbfg at 12:03 PM on September 18, 2001

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