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For all you fans of Karl Stefanovic - and we know you're out there - he's been at it again. This time, he had some help (SLYT)
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I was a little skeptical of the shark expert's assertion that the duck was just fine.
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*ill-informed comment about Australian racism and lack of culture*

Eh I'll save it for the inevitable Angry Boys/S.Mouse/Chris Lilley thread.
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@Lovecraft In Brooklyn - c'mon, you can do better than that! These damn Australians. At least you could call him a "duckist"??
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The Australian cricket team produces enough ducks to repopulate the whole country.
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Yeah was a pretty slow news morning in Queensland today.
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Well, he IS a robot.
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This might have been the guy who showed us around the Hobbit set this morning, which was so pleasant I forgive him.
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I can't believe he didn't make a joke about the guy holding his rod!
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This was way better than the Dalai Lama interview.
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Is there a name for the strawman logical fallacy in terms of humour? Karl is the living embodiment. He will regularly reply to his own jokes, being both the funny man AND the straight man. Or he'll say something funny, and then respond to an imagined person who took offence with a stupid "Wah? Wah? WhaddIsay?" expression.

He has a real nasty streak. Thankfully kept in check by the wonderful [mostly female] co hosts by simply not arguing with him. Karl's giant ego always has right of way. I remember one mini on air spat with Richard Wilkins ended with the completely unnecessary "well, you would know, you've got a disabled child." Karl's affable when things are going his way, but he can turn in an instant. Don't cross Karl.

Terrible interviewer, as has already been mentioned. Karl tries to go in to bat for what he perceives to be the average viewer's opinion. Not an interviewer's job, Karl. In one memorable segment he interviewed newspaper columnist and ex sportsman Jason Akamanis regarding his "gay sportsmen should stay in the closet" article. The whole interview consisted of "You're a homophobe... you're a homophobe... you've got issues... you're a... what's that Jason, you're trying to answer my questions? Please don't talk while I'm interrupting you're a homophobe you've got issues." It was doubly frustrating because it wasn't Jason's personal opinion. It was his opinion in the whole scheme of things, drawing from his experience of how he thought the average AFL player would react, and whether it would be worth the hassle.

Tell us what you think, Karl. When I guest is talking he'll often give his personal opinion on the various talking points. eg. Once, during a cooking segment, he opined on every single ingredient as they were added to the dish. That sort of thing. Annoying as hell. "Potatoes. Fwoar! I love potatoes."

He is a big shiny egotistical suck. He would have stepped over his dead grandma to get the hosting gig when it was up for grabs 6 years ago. Don't ask me how I know, I just know.

To finish on a couple of positives: He went to air noticeably drunk after a TV awards night. Gotta love someone who risks a career-ending stunt like that. He joins such luminaries as Chopper Read [absolute gold at 7:10], Graeme Campbell MP, and Mike Willesee.

And when he's not being a frat boy smut merchant he can be genuinely funny. But given my thoughts above, I tend to resent laughing at his good stuff.
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No matter how bad he is, he is orders of magnitude better than the average insipid American local TV morning show host.

The Dalai Lama bit was hilarious. I mean, come on, it's the Dalai Lama! And he told a shitty pun to the Dalai Lama! And it totally fell flat! It's hard to get much better than that.
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Eh I'll save it for the inevitable Angry Boys/S.Mouse/Chris Lilley thread.
I've been waiting for this too. I saw the Fairfax press tried to gee up the rage by showing some clips to US 'rappers', but it didn't seem to get traction.
I gather Angry Boys was part funded by HBO, so no doubt it will see the light of day in the US eventually, when I suspect the audience will find everyone but s.mouse funny (which I reckon is pretty close to the mark), and there will be predictable outrage from the predictably outraged.
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