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Fun While It Lasted is a blog that details the histories of long-dead sports franchises, including the Hawaii Leis/Sea-Port Cascades/Seattle Cascades, the Portland Lumberjax, the Columbus Minks, the Denver Comets, and the Phoenix Fire -- a professional soccer team that never actually played a game.

Incidentally, and somewhat ironically, blog author Andy Crossley is currently the GM of the Women's Professional Soccer team the Boston Breakers. A majority interest in the Breakers recently went up for sale.
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What, no Calgary Radz?

Seriously, though, this looks super-cool and I look forward to working my way through it.
posted by The Card Cheat at 3:00 PM on August 10, 2011

No Frankfurt Galaxy yet. I await the international American football entries.
posted by GuyZero at 3:23 PM on August 10, 2011

Dallas Tornados!
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The Toronto Phantoms? Good Lord, I was living here at the time and I don't even remember T.O. having an AFL team.
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Yer not alone in that. Several years later I was living in Ottawa, where the Ottawa Rapidz also entirely evaded my notice.

I am surprised by the lack of mention of the famous/infamous Spirits of St. Louis, surely the most profitable defunct franchise ever. Or are they too well-known?
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What would the world of sport be like today if the Colorado Caribou had taken off? Would cowboy tassles be all the rage?
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The Lumberjax made their home at the Rose Garden arena, a venue which had seen more than its fair share of quixotic sports concepts come and go since opening in 1995. Arena Football’s Portland Forest Dragons, indoor soccer’s Portland Pythons and the WNBA Portland Fire

Heh, I attended games of every single one of those teams. Also games of the defunct Portland Power (played next door to the Rose Garden at Memorial Coliseum, folded when the ABL, the WNBA's short-lived competitor, failed), the erstwhile Portland Rockies (Single A baseball, played across town at Civic Stadium 'til 2000 or so) and the Portland Beavers (AAA baseball, also played at Civic Stadium, sold and moved last year).

Blazers and Timbers, I'm gunning for you next!
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dersins, you're like the Ted McGinley of Seattle sports franchises.

Thanks for this site -- again proving what I think the Internet is mostly for (giving me detailed information about things I didn't even know I cared about)
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No Jai Alai!?
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Would love to see the Baltimore Claws in there...
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This thread seems as good a place as any to confess to having been an LA Xtreme season ticket holder. In my defense, a couple friends and I were just planning on attending their inaugural game, only to discover it wasn't all that much more expensive to buy a full season's worth of tickets (this was over 10 years ago now, so I don't remember the exact amount, but I could swear it was less than $100 for the whole season).

The first game was very well attended, with much media fanfare, but attendance plummeted quickly, with each subsequent game more sparsely attended than the last. One game in particular, in the middle of a huge Southern California rainstorm, I would guess had less than 500 people in total attendance, meaning each fan had roughly 200 seats to himself at the nearly 100K capacity LA Coliseum.

The XFL may have only lasted one season, but its legacy lasted much longer since they obviously sold their season ticket holders list to the Arena Football league. For years afterward I received persistent telemarketing calls from the Los Angeles Avengers pushing season ticket plans, I guessing having pegged me as a fan of really low-rent football (ironically, in doing a search for the Avengers for the purposes of this comment, it appears they too now belong on this list).
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AJaffe, clicking on that Claws link led me to this unused logo for The Baltimore Hustlers, which would make for an awesome retro jersey or t-shirt.
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Yeah, needs lots more more ABA. Go Colonels!
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Speaking of logos that would look great on a t-shirt, stuff doesn't get much more '70s than this.
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I seem to recall the Baltimore Hustlers were originally called the Baltimore Hookers. I'm too afraid to google that one. (I would purchase a retro jersey with that on it.)
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Most of the NBL! Look at the size of that list, willya.

Not sure if the Nanooks have folded or not, but I gotta drop this here. It's just too funny not to share. The comments are hilarious, too.

In honor of the opening of the NHL season, witness the best intro video to a hockey game that's ever been produced; a video so full of win that it could have only come from the Alaska Nanooks. Wait, the Who?

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No mention of the entire XFL on that blog? Come on, the XFL was fun. Well, it was hilarious, at least. I mean, the football wasn't great, but all of the jokes at the expense of the XFL made for an amusing few months.
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That's not the best hockey intro video ever produced. Hell, it's not even the best Alaska Nanooks intro video ever produced. In this one, he doesn't just blow up the moon, HE BLOWS UP THE WORLD.
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I can't decide what I think about this. I'd like it better if he'd limit himself to one team per defunct league, otherwise the pickings are just too easy. (Never mind the endless defunct minor league baseball franchises.) It'd be better if he were picking teams that are important for one reason or another. I mean, the Chicago Whales gave us Wrigley Field. Or teams that died while the league survived. (I swear Chicago had a WNBA team that failed. Called something that started with C... Comets? Crows? But I can't find any evidence of this. There are a couple of failed WNBA franchises.)

Though, holy crap, we had a cricket team! In a league!

Wiki has a category of defunct sports teams, with a subcategory of defunct national sports teams. Most of them are from countries that no longer exist, but there's the also the Saarland football team, the Bohemia ice hockey team and a Catalan rugby union team.
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I swear Chicago had a WNBA team that failed. Called something that started with C... Comets? Crows? But I can't find any evidence of this. There are a couple of failed WNBA franchises.)

The Chicago Sky obviously need better PR people. Or maybe you're thinking of the Chicago Condors, an ABL team that folded when the league folded-- only a dozen games into the Condors' first season.
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