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Chris Creamer's is a vast archive of current and historical sports logos from leagues large and small, brand new or defunct. Some of my favorite retro logos involve mascots (often anthropomorphized) performing sports-related activities. Of course, some were retired for good reasons.
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And previously, Helmets!
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Very cool, some of these logos can be pretty hard to find in "useable" form.
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Sweet jesus, this is a beautiful logo.
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That looks suspiciously like Yukon Cornelius...
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This site is awesome. I actually found it about a year ago and I'm happy to say that thanks to Chris, my pick-up hockey jersey sports a Colorado Rockies logo on the front. I've since had about 10 people ask me where I found the old-school jersey. Suckers!
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What's wrong with the Colt .45s [linked under "retired"]?

I happen to think it's a superb logo--and as mascots go, an order of magnitude better than its replacement: an uncreative shill for the space program.
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Nothing wrong with it. They just wanted to go with the stadium. Space was hot then.

I just checked through the baseball links. He doesn't always follow the franchises. (Expos to Nationals, Pilots to Brewers, Browns to Orioles, etc), but any site that saves logos is a good idea.

LogoServer is another logo resource.
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*goes away, has nerdgasm*

Holy cow, that's a cool site. Thanks!
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They just wanted to go with the stadium. Space was hot then.
See also: Astroturf.
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Ah, Maxie the Miner from the Denver Nuggets sure brings back memories. Thanks for posting this so I can relive how cool logos once were!
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Wikipedia has the more about the change from Colt 45s to the Astros: "The Sporting News Official Baseball Guide for 1965 had this to say about why the team was renamed: "Late in the year [1964] the [Harris County Domed Stadium] was officially named the Astrodome after the Houston club changed its nickname, December 1, from Colt .45s to Astros. The move resulted from objections by the Colt Firearms Company to the club's sales of novelties bearing the old nickname."

The faux grass later called Astroturf was added to the Astrodome because grass was dying under the painted roof.
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Woot! I'm a member there!
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Ah, the beauty of Wikipedia! Even a Raptor can join.
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Interesting that the Colt .45s were renamed because of the product name, rather than any concerns about violence. The Washington Bullets changed to the Washington Wizards in 1995 because of "violent overtones."
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