Informative, entertaining and shocking: the Land Octopus, a satirical cartographic animal
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Over the centuries, the high seas have served as a blank canvas for cartographers’ worst nightmares. They have dotted the oceans with a whole crypto-zoo of island-sized whales, deathly seductive mermaids, giant sea serpents, and many more - a whole panoply of heraldic horrors. As varied as this marine bestiary is, mapmakers have settled on a single, favourite species for land-based beastliness: the octopus. Bonus: Satire Maps and Fred W. Rose (YT, 3:32); Fred Rose's Serio-Comic War Map (YT, 1:52).

The clips are from Cartoon Maps - Politics and Satire, part of the BBC Four mini-series The Beauty of Maps.

A number of the Cartographic Land Octopus images are from Vulgar Army, which was previously posted to MetaFilter.
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Vulgar Army currently has up a really amusing Wain (of the hallucinogenic cat fame) cartoon.

I am not immune to the lure of the metaphorical octopus.
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Lots of "Russia as Octopus" there. I'd say the USA was lucky to have come out on top of the Cold War, it doesn't seem wise to get in an arms race with someone who has 8.
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If we're gonna talk about land octopuses, you've got to include the infamous Pacific Northwest tree octopus.
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I have a print of this map hanging on my wall and I have to say it's a pretty badass conversation starter.
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I wholeheartedly Fthagn this post!
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Russia has octopi. Eight octopi arms.
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Land octopi are lame. Tree squids are where its at.
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Cartographers, in Afric maps,
With savage pictures fill the gaps
And o'er unhabitable downs
Place elephants for want of towns.
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Related AskMe, with lots of octopus depictions in the answers.
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two thumbs up, thank you.
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