Doraemon with English subtitles
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Doraemon - the Hurricane Child (Japanese with English subtitles) Perhaps Japan's greatest pop icon, Doraemon is an earless robotic cat who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a schoolboy, Nobita. Originally a Japanese manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio (a nom de plume of a manga writing duo formed by two Japanese manga artists) Doraemon would become probably the most popular anime series in Japanese history. A Daily Motion user has uploaded dozens of older Doraemon episodes, many with English subtitles).
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Whoops, the first link (the "Hurricane" Child) for some reason starts in the middle of the clip, so it's best to reset it back to the beginning if you can.
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Ding Dong Kitty!! (As he is known in Hong Kong) Full of good intentions with a magic pouch of amazing stuff - who wouldn't want a cat like that? The stories were always lessons in unintended consequences and the inevitable disappointment of wish fullfillment. But with "cute" turned to 11.

Oh Ding Dong Kitty - if I had you - you'd be pulling out Langer's pastrami sandwiches, icy icy cold Coke zeroes, and the winning trifecta from the local race track out your tummy pouch. Maybe some smokes for my friends too.

What could go wrong with that?
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Oh I love DING DONG! He really is on cool cat. I have been introducing him to my daughter. Thanks!!! Now if there were full episodes in Cantonese, I would be even happier!
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Doraemon is the shit. I studied abroad in Japan twice, once in high school and once in college, and Doraemon was a bizarrely prominent part of both experiences. In high school I used the comics to practice Japanese (the soft-cover blue anthology edition I bought used is something I would rush back into a burning house to save) and in college I watched the show with me two host siblings, 3 and 6, and they loved it too and we bonded.
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Yellow, if you search for '机器猫 粤语' or '多拉A梦 粤语', you can come up with episodes on youku like this: .
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You ROCK strange foe. Thanks!
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I have several treasured Doraemon t-shirts which always get commented on. Great post KokuRyu, thanks!
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I remember first coming across Doraemon in a dubbed version on Spanish television. I don't speak Spanish, and working out what manner of entity the thing was proved challenging. Neither 'cat' nor 'robot' occurred to me at the time, though I suppose with hindsight the vibrissae point to some feline element in what still strikes me as an inchoately cartooned being .
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