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Top Score: A radio program (and podcast, rss here) about video game music, from Classical Minnesota Public Radio. (Via this Joystiq Show episode which is also highly recommended for video game music lovers.)
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Ok never expected that from MPR i am impressed
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The vidya games, like films before, have become a convenient way for classically trained musicians to make a living. I usually like orchestral scores in games, so this is cool with me.

Classical MPR has a dearth of younger listeners, so a vid program seems like a very practical way to take on that problem.
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Any thread about video games and music demands a link to Cruise Elroy (which is by a mefite, I think?). I want this guy to write a book because I want to read his book.
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Oh yeah. Previously.
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This is groundbreaking music radio for anyone interested in music and/or games: how often do you hear an experienced music/production professional talk about their craft in detail with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable host?

MPR has long been one of the premium US public media sources, with decades of top-notch classical programming (also available streaming).
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