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Fark.Ru has officially begun operations.
posted by HoldenCaulfield (16 comments total)
Funny site, but what's wit all dem liddle symbols n stuff? Don't deez guyz know how to speak English? BuJeez.
posted by HTuttle at 3:06 PM on September 23, 2001

I wish I could read it, because although I don't know what this site is: , it sure looks like fun.
posted by aaron at 3:37 PM on September 23, 2001

Maybe the guy posted the link not to urge us to read the site, but to check its (beyond-) striking similarities with fark.com?
posted by kchristidis at 3:53 PM on September 23, 2001

i learned russian for eight years, but i have no russian fonts or language kit installed on my computer.
posted by arf at 3:56 PM on September 23, 2001

skallas, surfing thru babelfish throws open some possibilties. makes me think how amazing technology is. just imagine. 10 years from now people might be carrying 'universal translators' which could take spoken russian and translate it into english.

all in all i think that was a good post. i think it just opened my horizons a bit.
posted by daHIFI at 3:59 PM on September 23, 2001

bitch bitch bitch
shouldn't your link text be more descriptive?
yada yada yada
i hate the link content!
whine whine whine
isn't that a double post?
piss and moan
self-links are not permitted!
slap mah fro
metafilteroids: acute condition marked by the onset of severe contractions of the sphincter resulting in a distinctive cranial puckering.
posted by quonsar at 4:21 PM on September 23, 2001

skallas - Yes, I was born in Moscow and although my English is better than my Russian I have no difficulty in reading etc. The site isn't a content copy of fark.com just a Russian news weblog with the layout of the original fark. I'm surprised a Russian Slashdot hasn't yet been spawned.
posted by HoldenCaulfield at 4:28 PM on September 23, 2001

Would you know about it if a russian slashdot had been spawned? All those guys speak english anyway....
posted by ph00dz at 5:07 PM on September 23, 2001

Oh boy, I couldn't help it. Babelfish translate's Quonsar's post into English from Russian.
bitchyu to bitchyu to bitchyu of syuouldn't of your the link of tekht b sea to deschriptive?
yada of yada of yada and to yuate to tyue the link of chontent!
to shyuine to shyuine to shyuine of isn't tyuat and to double post?
piss of Andes moan self- Lynx the are of the notes of permitted!
slap to May fro of metafilteroids: achute of chondition of marked to tyue onset of the north of chontrachtions of to tyue of spyuinchter of resulting ine and to distinchtive of chranial of puchkering.

posted by Catch at 6:22 PM on September 23, 2001

I actually ran this through babelfish, some weird stuff, like this advice on reading the articles - They did not fall? Wipe hands against the pants. Repeat. and some wonderful insights into Russian humor - Why the hen does not have breasts? Because the rooster does not have hands...

posted by bobo123 at 6:41 PM on September 23, 2001

I'm pretty sure fark.com itself has mentioned fark.ru in a positive light, so it's all good.

And I thought hens did have breasts. Yummy ones.

That was not a sexist comment.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 8:14 PM on September 23, 2001

Yeah Stavros.. And if you eat your chicks in the right joints when you've finished with the breast you got a greasy box to putcha bone into.

(HC - The Russian Slashdot)
posted by Kino at 11:26 PM on September 23, 2001

quonsar: Though I don't go out of my way to flame people, I definitely consider myself to be one of the"elitists" around here who enjoy bitching and moaning here and in metatalk, but your definition of metafilteroids made me laugh out loud. Great metaphor, although all in all I disagree with your complaint.
posted by rorycberger at 11:59 PM on September 23, 2001

Hey, skallas, I'm not the one who started the thread ok?
I'm not even saying that the guy did a nice job over there describing the link, so relax.
posted by kchristidis at 2:20 AM on September 24, 2001

Kino - Would you happen to know any other Russian weblogs in the MeFi, kottke, littlegreenfootballs context?
Thx. (Ty shto Ryskii tozha?)
posted by HoldenCaulfield at 8:54 AM on September 24, 2001

Yw. The eagles fly tonight HC >__< Nah, i don't know of any more (i'm sure they must be breeding as we speak though.. might even bag a doubledigit ID in a future Russian MeFi if we're quick.. could get a few dozen potatoes for it one day)

Only prob is - The extent of my Russian vocabulary amounts to not a lot more than the word 'Smirnov'; I heard about their Slashdot in the same sorta way i found out here about their Fark. Good luck tho.
posted by Kino at 6:09 AM on September 25, 2001

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