Data Visualization
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InForm: Turning Data into Meaning. An exhibit at the Adobe Museum of Digital Media.
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It's very easy to be snarky about this sort of thing, but damn... that's actually pretty cool.
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InForm: Turning web browsing into an annoying experience.
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The ecloud thing (all the way to the left) appeared in the San Jose International Airport. Third from the left is the Amsterdam SMS messaging visualization, which you can also see on YouTube. Fifth from the left, the Onformative Skype visualization. Etc.

Look, the most incredibly interesting data visualizations look out of place in an ordinary browsing experience. We need a more flexible context for these anyway, and they've done a beautiful job of wrapping here.
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I borked the YouTube Amsterdam visualization. It's here.
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Cool. Thanks for posting.
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I'm not joking - but I just got a black screen on my web browser (firefox with adblock, flashblock and noScript). I did not get a warning that anything was being blocked either so at first I thought it was a post-modern joke.
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Look, it's a flash site, and worse, a flash site made by Adobe. It's bound to have a crappy interface. I mentioned the location in the post to forestall the comments about how sucky the flash interface is. The content is still pretty cool.
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Some of these I loved, but some of them missed the mark. The beauty of information visualization is that it should create meaning without needing additional explanation. The fact that I had to back out of the Wiki Communities visualization and carefully read and interpret the lengthy description in order to understand what it was exactly trying to represent was annoying as hell. (The trying to back out and the fact that I had to hunt down an explanation at all.)
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Man, sometimes I get annoyed by "information-based" art masquerading as a real visualization, but I couldn't even get irritated by that because navigating through that flash interface to see the pieces was the most annoying thing ever. The earthquake tweet animation was pretty good though.
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