Bid Now!
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Bid Now! Six more days left if you're looking for someone to beat the living crap out of you. C'mon. You know you want to.
posted by jcterminal (11 comments total)
The First Rule of Fight Club is ...
posted by nathan_teske at 7:47 PM on September 23, 2001

hahaha this is so funny.
i wonder how long it'll stay there before being removed by ebay.
posted by arrowhead at 8:14 PM on September 23, 2001

That's pretty damned funny.

Too bad bids over 15,000 dollars require credit card verification or else I'd make a bid myself.
posted by trioperative at 8:26 PM on September 23, 2001

it's gone. what was it?
posted by mb01 at 8:52 PM on September 23, 2001

Wait! He doesn't say he won't accept proxy bids....there's a certain "Bid Laden" asshole who I wouldn't mind sponsoring a fund-drive for. I'm sure we could scrape together the airfare.
I know, I know, the recipient can't "fight back" - but isn't that really a techicality? He could just open the proverbial "can of whoop ass on him" for a good hour or two, attach a radio tracking device rectally, and call it a day. Donate the transponder frequency to Colin Powell and friends and get bonus points.

Outfit him with a webcam and we could recoup costs overnite.
posted by crankyrobot at 9:02 PM on September 23, 2001

I captured it and threw it up on Filepile.

Joe Bob sez check it out.
posted by at 9:04 PM on September 23, 2001

I wonder what flagged it? The high price? The word "ass"?
posted by jaustinspace at 9:11 PM on September 23, 2001

I'm thinking e-bay most have something that automatically flags an item if it gets 20000 (some large number) of hits within a certain period of time.
posted by howa2396 at 10:04 PM on September 23, 2001

That is great, thanks for saving it, tpoh.
posted by Jack Torrance at 10:55 PM on September 23, 2001

"If you are married or have children, I may choose to slap around your family a bit, but only if I'm feeling particularly generous."

wow! a freebie!!!
posted by mich9139 at 6:52 AM on September 24, 2001

Too bad the bidding history wasn't 'piled. Oh well.
posted by HoldenCaulfield at 8:58 AM on September 24, 2001

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