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IMF Data Mapper v 3.0

Rosling's fun stuff applied to IMF data for September 2011. Includes selections of GDP, growth, change in percentage etc available by regions, countries, continent, and in map or bubble form. Downloadable.
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International Monetary Fund??

I was hoping for a little Impossible Mission Force data myself...
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Because, unquestionably, growth equates to good.
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Because, unquestionably, growth equates to good.

That's the Washington consensus, yes.

FWIW, lack of growth seems pretty shitty.
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The view of the Global Financial Crisis from my lack of growth mound is delicious.
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Thanks for the link. In much the same vein, with lots more data sets, have a look at the Google Public Data Explorer.
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Constant growth is unsustainable. It is myopic, and fails to recognize that humanity is a bounded system. That Washington consensus is bizarrely wrong. Sustainability, along with a definition of what values are to be sustained, is required.
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