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Slacker comedy/cosmic horror oddity John Dies At The End is being filmed by Don Coscarelli. And there's a trailer. So in a weirder turn of events than anything in the (already deeply weird) book it might actually happen.

More details about the movie here. Wong (real name Jason Pargin) wrote JDATE as a series of spooky Halloween blog posts on his old website before publishing it in 2007. He currently edits Cracked, which is possibly better than you think it is.
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I am totally stoked for this film.
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I remember reading a significant part of that story years ago. This looks fun.
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I started reading JDATE, enjoyed it, then got waylaid by real life responsibilities. This reminds me to finish it.
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goodness gracious. I'm looking forward to this one!
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I tried this as a novel and couldn't do it - it was neither funny nor scary - but suspect that is a problem with reading smaller blog posts all together in a single sitting. Broken down I think it would have been quite good, and I certainly think it would make a sweet film, especially with this guy directing.
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I stumbled onto this book soon after buying my Kindle, and was pleasantly surprised at how original and funny it was. I hope the movie turns out well.
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Slightly related: Alison Hewitt is Trapped: A Zombie Novel was published this year as a novel, after appearing originally as a blog. Isn't that the way all novels are published these days?
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Also, does anyone know who will be playing "Jennifer Lopez"?
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I knew nothing about JDATE when I sampled it on Kindle and eventually bought it. Turns out it's a really fun, goofy little horror book. I'd actually think it'd make a great series of shorts, or even a television series.
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This has been on my to-read list for a while because yes, I LOVE CRACKED F THE HATERS, so I don't know if the book sucks or if the movie sucks but I'm happy for the author anyway.
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JDatE is goofy and great. Very pumped for this movie.

Wong wrote a sequel many years ago which he's rewritten and submitted to his publisher. It's called This Book Is Full Of Spiders.
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This looks like a blast.
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Cracked's video player doesn't work for me.
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Youtube link.
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Wow. Leave it to someone on MeFi to post--yet again--about a book I'm currently reading. I'm about a quarter through JDATE, and am liking it quite a bit. It's both equal parts gross and funny, and is just a wee bit scary. Did I mention it's funny.

I've been going through my head who would make a good director for this--Terry Gilliam? David Cronenberg (in a sudden switch to comedy)? Hell, Kevin Smith? But Don Coscarelli? Eh, why not? I enjoyed Bubba Ho-Tep, and I think I liked the Phantasm movies (but can't remember them very well). Coscarelli means low budget, though, and this book has some pretty epic action scenes, something that will be obviously truncated for the film. Anyway, looking forward to it. Oh, and FUCK YEAH Paul Giamatti.
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Paul Giamatti is such a damn fine actor; he made this look like a movie I would want to watch.
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I read and enjoyed JDATE.

As for the films of Don Coscarelli, Bubba Ho-Tep was a filmic meditation on aging, loss, and the frailty of memory disguised as a comic horror movie.

And Phantasm had skull-drilling flying orbs, alien dwarves, Reggie Bannister, and a black 1971 Plymouth Barracuda.

So I endorse this project and will go see this movie regardless of, nay, in defiance of, any negative reviews.
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Don Coscarelli also directed one of the few good entries in the disappointing Masters of Horror anthology series.
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How can they make a movie out of a top 10 list?
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I remember reading some of the blog when my worldview and tastes were still gestating.

I'm probably going to end up liking this whether or not it's any good, aren't I?
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Is Angus Scrimm in it? Because Angus Scrimm rocks.
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In it's current trailer form, I am 100% excited about this movie, knowing full well that when it's released, it's going to be another Southland Tales or Repo: The Genetic Opera.
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Pointless Waste of Time!!!!
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Speaking of Don C, I just recently got around to watching Phantasm 4 and WHAT A FUCKING WASTE OF TIME! After how awesome the series was shaping up to be in 1-3, this weird nigh-post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure horror venture, the fourth one is just a whole lot of go-nowhere bullshit that serves to accomplish nothing except say 'there should be a fifth film that might actually wrap this up!'

Needless to say, no fifth movie is forthcoming (despite vague rumors). Damn you, Don C!
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Is Angus Scrimm in it? Because Angus Scrimm rocks.

Huzzah! He is, but they don't list as whom!
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First I've heard of this. I bought the Kindle version yesterday and haven't been to put it down -- I think I'm already a quarter of the way through. The comedy, gross-out, and existential dread all complement one another perfectly. I would love to see this made into a film.
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