Landscapes: Volume Two
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Beautiful motion controlled time lapse video of landscapes in Arizona and Utah by Dustin Farrell.
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Good lord, I love these time lapse/motion videos. What an age we live in!

Except... man, they are so incredible, they actually seem more real than my own life! These sweeping God-view, the epic vistas, the surging music... and then I'll leave my house and walk through my own neighborhood, and feel utterly banal by everyday reality*.

I want one of these guys to come to my neighborhood and shoot footage like this, or on my daily commute across the I-90 bridge. I want to feel a surge of adrenaline in every day life, to feel like I'm surrounded by magic and wonder. Can you make that happen for me, Dustin Farrell? Please?

* It reminds me of the "Where the Hell Is Matt?" videos, where a co-worker and I joked about making a "Where the Hell is Greg" and have that same music but with him sitting in his car in traffic, then getting coffee, then in a meeting, then typing at a keyboard, then back in traffic, over and over and over.
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Good lord, what the hell happened to my diction in that last comment? "THE" sweeping God-views, and whatever the hell I was trying to say about banal before one too many edits.

Can't we please get the SpoFi like short-term edit window? Please?!
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Billions and billions of stars.
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That (AZ/NV/UT) was my backyard as a kid. Of course I found it boring because I was a kid and didn't know any better.
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We know what you mean hindcandenza. That's why we're sitting at out monitors with tears in our eyes, trying to work out whether $200 is going to cover fuel out to an interesting trail head, food for ten days, batteries for the camera and the torch and the gps. Whether the maps are up to date, whether the wet weather gear is still just waterproof enough to cover the chance of a spring storm, how much resewing the pack needs, and all the other things that'll be gone and forgotten in an hour or two as dawn breaks and work rears it's ugly head for another day..
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Arizona definitely has some beautiful landscape, that's for sure. It almost makes up for the many aggressive and venomous creatures* that infest our desert.

*Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce, Jan Brewer, Ken Bennett, John Huppenthal, John McCain, John Kyl, Andrew Thomas, Rick Renzi, the "Minutemen", the "AZ Tea Party", the Goldwater Institute, etc., etc.
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Oh, that's pretty... AGH, THE EARTH IS SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL... okay, it's kind of pretty... I like the clouds... OH GOD, THE WAY WE'RE CAREENING THROUGH THE UNIVERSE IS MAKING ME NAUSEOUS... oooh, flowers... THE SUN! IT'LL BURN IT ALL WHEN IT STRIKES...
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For the sake of completeness; here is Landscapes: Volume 1.
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And for folks who missed some of these the last time around, some more awesome timelapses
posted by antifuse at 8:00 AM on October 26, 2011

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