Synesthesia With A Hex Code
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ColorJack is a color designer sandbox that takes Color Scheme Designer (previously) several steps beyond. It has the standard color wheel, and outputs to web, PhotoShop, and Illustrator, with the ability to "see" those same hues under various conditions of color blindness... and then you get truly creative areas, like the Color Piano and Color Galaxy. Also related: Colrd.
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ColorJack's Sphere OS X widget has been my go-to color picker for many years -- I'm almost surprised this is the first time it's been mentioned here. See also: kuler, Adobe's colorpicker, which adds a social-networky aspect to your color picking (and requires obnoxious levels of Flash; not going to link 'em to give any additional pagerank karma). There's also some other neat projects on the blog section of Color Piano -- found a neat WebGL/MIDI example to detox after all the flash on Kuler.
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I am very fond of Color Scheme Designer, so thanks for sharing these other resources!

D minor needs a cooler color scheme; after all, it is the saddest chord of all.
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Synesthesia!piano may be the best thing I have seen all month. Thanks for posting this!
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