Things to do with a frisbee
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You must have heard about frisbee, a flying disc based pastime, haven't you? Throwing a flying disc can be more exciting than you think. You can try to break one of the world records (there's a record for 1-year olds and a challenge for 102+ years old women). Alternatively, you can play some competitive games, including some well known ones like ultimate and some you probably haven't heard about: buttgutts, a game of immense skill played between two teams of one to ten players each. The objective is to hit the oppostition's butts with discs.
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"A good throw, which hits a butt, confers immediate prestige on the player throwing, while a bad throw results in abuse, often from both teams."

Ah, it's so true. In life, as well as in sport.
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And this just gets better and better. Rule 903.01(D):

The exchange consists of all the players on the throwing team releasing their discs, and ends when all of the discs have stopped moving or are far enough away from the receiving team that nobody gives a shit.
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Or you could just get a Buzzbee and really have fun.
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Metafilter: An invalid butt stance is a team foul, and the whole team must submit to punishment.
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You kids keep that damn frisbee off my lawn
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102+ is an odd cut-off. Is there some 101 year old they're trying to exclude?
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We used to play "razorblade." The frisbee was imagined to be sharp (except when thrown). When some one grabbed it they yelled "stop." Everyone had to freeze. If they hit you with the frisbee, that body part was cut off, with close coup de grace etc. Guys would be hopping aound or crawling by the end, or lose their throwing arm and have to throw with the other one. We played it for years.
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If they hit you with the frisbee, that body part was cut off

Finally, an "extreme" sport that lives up to the name.
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The rules are pretty long, but quick question: should I use skills to hit someone in the head, and they are kind of a butthead, is that a strike or not?
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man that name and this whole thing makes me feel like someone chewed up a bunch of kc green comics and is trying to feed them to me like a bird
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First Annual Single Member Buttgutts Team Competition.
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@ironmouth that sounds kind of like that "bang" bit in End Zone
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Looks like fun, but the rules could be even more casual. In the event of a dispute, the teams shall mill around until boredom sets in. Good, but not as much fun as going full Calvinball.

In the event of a refereeing dispute, the disputant changes the rules. Of course, the change may be reversed if the offence took place in a boomerang zone and/or if anyone touched the opposite pole (note: touching the opposite pole must be declared by not declaring that one has touched the opposite pole), or if...
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Years ago a friend and I used to go to the beach to throw a Frisbee. We liked to play on the hard sand after the tide went out.

This hard sand is an excellent surface for skipping the Frisbee - make it dive down, bounce off the sand and then zoom back up.

We evolved a rather simple game.

We would each set an open can of beer down in front of ourselves and then spend the afternoon trying like hell to knock over the other guy's beer. Or, better yet, get him to knock it over.
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I often throw a frisbee around while warming up for tennis. The backhand throw is biomechanically quite similar to the one handed back hand in tennis. Anyway, once me and a hitting partner tried a "clay pigeon shooting" game. One of us would toss the frisbee up into the air towards the other person, and that other person would try and throw a tennis ball at it mid flight :)
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134 km/hr? Man, the Japanese have some sorta lockdown on throwing for speed, huh? That's like 83MPH!

No way I am playing frisbee with the Japanese.
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Perhaps a little basketdisc action is more your style?
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