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GQ: The Man Who Sailed His House. On the third day after the Japanese tsunami, after the waves had left their destruction, as rescue workers searched the ruins, news came of an almost surreal survival: Nine miles out at sea, a man had been found alone, riding on nothing but the roof of his house.

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You read the article and feel bewildered as you realize it's written in the second person.
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News reports on the rescue, from March: CNN / AP / BBC
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written in the second person

Why would he do that?! An incredible story expressed incredibly awkwardly.
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You copy and paste the document into Word, preparing to find and replace all variations of the second person until the article no longer reads like Jay McInerney's extended late entry for the Bad Hemingway Contest.
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Haters gonna hate. I found the story incredibly compelling and didn't mind the second-person narration at all. Great post, zarq.
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Great story despite the horrible presentation.
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What an insufferable piece of writing.

Here's an article in the Guardian that will not make your brain hemorrhage.
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Because I have a family whose structure is very similar to that man's, I found this powerful and--even in the most insufferable, help-he's-beating-me-over-the-head-with-his-psychology-divining-rod, parts--mostly quite insightful and correct.

Hmph. //crosses arms//
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Isn't this exactly how the castaways got rescued from Gilligan's Island?
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It wasn't my village, it wasn't my roof, and man... that was so definitely not my article.
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I was hoping it would be choose your own adventure. Very disappointing.
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Fantastic writing...
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Thanks qxntpqbbbqxl for the Guardian link. I was really interested to read how the man survived - obviously an amazing story, but how the article was written made it very difficult to read and comprehend.
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This is very good. Thanks, zarq.
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Are there actually readers who plow through this miasma of fictional tableaux and made-up details? Not more than a smattering of this has even the distant ring of truth. What's most galling is that the writer insists on referring to his subject by his first name, even going so far as to write "from outside you can hear your wife's voice calling your name. Hiromitsu." If you're going to incorporate the name of your protagonist into your piece, at least refer to him as "Mr. Shinkawa" or "Shinkawa-san," as would his friends, neighbors and coworkers. The artifice of the first name is jarring from a Japanese perspective. Sheesh.
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Must be a sleeper cell for the Crimson Permanent Insurance. I didn't realize they were in Japan.
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Zarq - please in the future put Single Page links above the fold. I read the whole article (like a good kid) before clicking through to the comment page here and ARGH! a single page link right there!
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chimaera: "Zarq - please in the future put Single Page links above the fold."

OK. I can do that in the future, no problem. Just be forewarned that if it's a link-heavy post above the fold I may choose not to, just because I don't want to clutter the landscape too much.

Shakespeherian and saladin, thanks.
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zarq ignore the people hating. great link. not the best writing but definitely an amazing story.
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