Doodle Art is back!
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Doodle Art posters are back. Thanks to jbickers on the green this Christmas will be a throw-back to one of my favourite childhood activities: colouring in Doodle Art posters! I'm so psyched that these are available again.
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They've got some serious activity going on over on their facebook page. I remember these were a big deal back when magic markers were somehow becoming a big deal, but I guess they were only seemed like a big deal to be because felt tipped pens were around since 1910! I loved these, I'll have to get some for the neighborhood kids.
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Wow -- I grew up envying my siblings' talent in colouring in those suckers (with immaculate shading, etc., whereas at my age, I was concentrating on staying in the lines). For anyone who doesn't know them first-hand, they're beautifully detailed -- check out the pics. I will absolutely enjoy marking a few of these up as an adult.
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Oh my god. They're on sale at Chapters & Indigo, too. I see coloring in my future.
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Am I stupid... why is shipping $15? Does it cost an arm and a leg to ship a poster tube and I just don't know?
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And once you've finished with the originals, may I suggest checking the new designs? These zombies aren't going to color themselves.
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Does it cost an arm and a leg to ship a poster tube and I just don't know?

They're in Canada. Up here, it costs at least an arm and a couple of toes just to ship a postcard.
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ALSO! From the FB page linked above. "We are looking for the next great DoodleArtist. We'll be releasing contest details shortly. Please check back soon!"
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Pepsi Doo?
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Pepsi Rainbow!

I remember these well, on the one hand it was engrossing but on the other, well, what amount to large-sheet colouring books are not the single most creative thing one can do with paper and pens.
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I had The Sea poster when I was about 13. I finished it, but remember being disappointed that the big fish wasn't really any different from all the other fish - it was just bigger.
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My wife and I saw a table selling these at the PNE, and picked up two of the big ones: The Sea and Aquarium. We coloured in one over the course of a couple weeks using nice architect markers that we had and never used (and ended up going out to purchase particular hues we didn't have). What an amazing childhood memory done right.
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No KISS? Bah!
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I remember having one that had Chinese Dragons in it -- and it wasn't a knockoff or a copy, because it came in the same tube from the DoodleART company. I had this in early 1974, and I think I got it for Christmas 73.

Maybe they expanded their line early on?
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Cool! Now I can continue to have one 1/5th finished poster in my house.
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Doodle Art. Meet Spoonflower.

At last I know the meaning of true happiness.
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OMG eeeeee!
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Hopefully felt tip marker technology has improved enough over the years, so that you can make it through an entire poster before they start drying out.

Or maybe I'll just not let my sister use them to color her bedroom wall this time.
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Yeah baby! We got ours at the PNE this summer. Loved these as a kid and the magic is still there. Of course most of our friends think it's odd that a couple in their late 30's are spending evenings colouring. Those folks just don't understand Doodle Art.
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I had no idea they were a Canadian invention!
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I remember these! They were less dictatorial than paint-by-number, and I did love the smell of the markers. i also had the Sea. I remember trying to color it so that none of the colors touched -- little did I know I was stumbling onto a famous problem in mathematics!
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OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! Every time I'm at a crafts store I always look to see if they have any of these! And I am always sad, because they only have the velvet kind. (I can't handle the sensation of marker squeaking across velvet.)

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My local Chapters-affiliated bookstore has a bunch of them in stock. Sweet!
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The T-shirts are very disappointing. No artwork at all. I was really hoping for a felt-lined doodle art T-shirt with actual doodle art on it.
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OMG how I adored these as a child. Never could save up enough to buy one with the whole marker set, though. The adult me can probably swing it.
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