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In honor of William Shatner's latest album (Previously here and here): here are a few surprising and cross genre covers. Some work well, others are Tiny Tim. Track info and links to the originals inside.

Lay Lady Lay-Isaac Hayes Originally by Bob Dylan
Santorini- Record Club Originally by Yanni
Suzanne- Nina Simone Originally by Leonard Cohen
April Come She Will- Karrin Allyson Originally by Simon & Garfunkle
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy- Tiny Tim Originally by Rod Stewart
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I was kind of expecting more Bill Shatner in the links above the fold but.. I guess not..?
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Well, if this is about odd but pleasing covers...

"Walk On By," by Burt Bacharach – Dionne Warwick, Isaac Hayes, The Stranglers.

Also, that Tiny Tim version of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" is vastly superior to the original, and I salute you for introducing me to it.
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Do Ya Think I'm Sexy- Tiny Tim Originally by Rod Stewart (and Jorge Ben)
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I like Tiny Tim.
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others are Tiny Tim.

you say that like he's not one of the greatest men who ever lived ... and sang about being a fish, because the ice caps were melting ... in 1968, and they let children near him.
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I've always liked this rather odd reinterpretation of Dion's 'The Wanderer'
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Don't forget the multitude of Stairway to Heaven covers (as previously MetaFiltered), from Dolly Parton to Frank Effing Zappa to the always cheezy Richard Cheese to the London Symphony.

Rolf "Tie Me Kanagroo Down" Harris also covered Stairway, as well as Bohemian Rhapsody (better than Shatner, IMO), Walk On The Wild Side and I Touch Myself.

Then there's Jonathan Coulton's Baby Got Back, as well as the Gilbert & Sullivan version (previously) and, obviously, Richard Cheese.

And can you talk about covers without mentioning Johnny Cash's version of Hurt? (previously here, but the link died). Or Sad Kermit's.
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Some work well , others are Tiny Tim.

Yeah, I agree. the rest work well, but Tiny Tim's works, as always, brilliantly.
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"I like Tiny Tim."

I can go ya one better, I met Tiny Tim.
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My favorite cross-genre cover is the Gourds' bluegrass interpretation of Gin and Juice. After hearing it, it's hard to believe that the song wasn't intended as a bluegrass piece.
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