Women Fear attacks more than Men
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Women Fear attacks more than Men More Women fear terrorism are the men afraid to say so
posted by timetostepback (9 comments total)
crap link
posted by pracowity at 6:17 AM on September 28, 2001

'Fraid the link didn't work for me, timetostepback. Probably cos it includes a session id.

Try this if you have the same problem. By the way what do you make of the Mini ad that takes over the browser window?
posted by jiroczech at 6:19 AM on September 28, 2001

Damn sissy women! This is exactly what they're like. The logical answer here is to examine our policy towards different genders. What is this "open-door" policy to just let women stay in the United States? Who let them here in the first place? I bet it was the liberals! The Commie bastards, with their flag-burning and all. I say we deport them immediately! And they should take their dipers with them! Hmpf! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!
posted by tiaka at 6:32 AM on September 28, 2001

"The Gallup organisation conducted telephone interviews with 606 adults across Britain on Sept 17-18."

That is British women.
posted by bjgeiger at 6:39 AM on September 28, 2001

I bet children fear attacks more than women. And animals, jesus, animals are freaked out right about now, man. Anyone interested in some pancakes?
posted by Hankins at 7:54 AM on September 28, 2001

MMM. Pancakes my brotha. I'm tellin you it's the Tories. They're at it again.

I've gotta go get my dog out of the bomb shelter he dug last night...
posted by eljuanbobo at 8:09 AM on September 28, 2001

posts like this are good they show people why it is important to use punctuation if you dont use punctuation and capitalize properly it is hard to understand maybe thats why those things developed did you find it hard to understand too
posted by sylloge at 12:07 PM on September 28, 2001

Hmmm. This thread got me thinking. Pancake: noun, verb, adjective, or all of the above? This thread got pancaked by the 5th comment. Anybody offhand know what the record is?
posted by JParker at 1:31 PM on September 28, 2001

That mini ad was the best damn ad I've ever seen.

Although terribly annoying, I gave it my full attention and clicked off to their site.
posted by jackstamp at 1:41 PM on September 28, 2001

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