Fantastisk Mediemanipulation
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SYGNOK and The War For Radical Computer Music. -- "We join Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen (aka Goodiepal), internationally acclaimed 'Danish Techno Prophet' and creator of Radical Computer Music (RCM), in the aftermath of his war against the Danish Royal Academy of Music. Now operating under the moniker 'SYGNOK' after teaming up with DJ HVAD and VJ Cancer, the film traces how Gæoudjiparl's RCM goals of creating music for 'artificial and alternative intelligences' has now diverged into a tangled web of race wars, theft, forgery and death threats."
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WARNING at least one of these links is autoplay very loud. No, even louder than that.
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True, also SWASTIKAS EVERYWHERE. Probably NSFW in some contexts I realize now.
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WARNING at least one of these links contains the ramblings of a crazy person and the idiocy of his ultra-high apostles.
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*at least one all of these links
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Awww man, I was warned this might happen if someone took the "IDM" label discussion too far.
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Someone really should have done this with the kyma machine at my university when they shut down the art courses.
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remember what carla bley said about the shaggs? - "they bring my mind to a complete halt"

this is doing that to me
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I'm perplexed. This stuff is a combination of racist lunacy, attention-seeking prank, and esoteric art-school statement, but in what proportions? Are the art and music deliberately tacky and bad, or do these people just completely lack talent? Are these even answerable questions?
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Ill advised use of swastikas: yes.
Lunacy: certainly.
Racist: I'm not so sure.

If you watch the lecture he's talking about fascism being inherent in Europe, part of that being a longing for the past - people reminiscing about the good old days before other people showed up. I get the impression that in his mind DIEM was reinforcing that. My guess is the aesthetic of these clips is a response to that, trying to make something that embraces the 'alien' and the new. And I think his firing is just what happens when an academy employs someone who does this and expects them to play by the rules and teach the curriculum.

I also agree with a lot of what he's talking about about "media art" especially the way it is taught. There is a total separation between that and the things you learn about on a fine-art degree*. What he is saying is that Media Art is complacent, because you can always rely on the next bit of technology to get you through - use kinect or a wii remote and people are instantly more impressed but the search for deeper meaning is frequently overlooked in the search for awesome.


*Of course some of those are shit too, but an art degree should hopefully encourage you to challenge your assumptions and look at wider contexts.
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