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My favorite art site After going to the Smithsonian's Scenes Of American Life when it came through Seattle--about the first time I'd gone to an art exhibition in years, to show you what a scenester I'm not--I went looking for online works by George Tooker after seeing In The Summer House there. I came across The Tigertail Virtual Museum--for quality, this is the best site I've yet to see, even if it lacks the breadth of my previous favorite; Carol Gerten-Jackson's CGFA--no Bouguerau's, for instance. But beau coup works by 20th century American artists--now you can send spam or Three Stooges Wallpaper and it'll be aht... Cool or what? And your favorites?
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meanwhile, I hate most 20th century painters. well, all painters. well, besides ocampo and barry mcgee and other non-painting painters.

sorry; but art school made me a snobby asshole. ok; i like paul mccartney, and whatshisname that does all the damn double anus stuff... er... also, er. SRL is great. ok; i like lots of stuff. er. also i like some other painters; can't remember their names. damn so hungover.
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