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Pythagasaurus is the fabled Tyrannosaurus practiced in the skills of trigonometry and long division. Apparently he knows all eight numbers. [Via]
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That was wonderful. Quite possibly the best thing to happen today - thank you!
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This was great. Thanks! Always a fan of short things B Bailey is involved with.
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100% awesome...except for the part where I saw it was from Aardman and gathered all the squeamish kids around without watching it first and then there was sudden, horrific death.
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"So! This is where you live, is it?"
"Just the two of you?"
"Look, haven't you got some adding up to do . . . "

Forgive me. I LOL'd. Just a little.
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This actually cheered me up after a really trying day. Thank you. This is awesome!
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I wanna learn about rocks and shit...
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That was awesome! Thanks homunculus!
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Denver Museum of Science "Dino"
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