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Wikipedia is a free on-line encyclopedia that allows users to write entries about nearly any topic. MSNBC's take on it can be found here.
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I'll stick to
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I'll stick to

OK. Why?
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Yet isn't h2g2 a different animal? It feels more like a conversation. If I had to find out about the history of the Huns I would think of Wiki first. If, however, I wanted to find out how to cook a killer paella, I'd go to h2g2. Is it my perception only?
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There are a whole bunch of Wikis out there - delicate, beatiful things they can be too, with a good userbase.

I even wrote one as an 'organic knowledge base info capture tool thingo' for field consultants and engineers at my last company. 'Course the software product I'd been working on that it was meant to support never made it out the door, so it was a little academic, but c'est la IT vie.

Everything2 pissed me off after a while as everytime I went back I'd !lost points! because of what I perceived to be accurate but unpopular nodes I'd written. So now I just lurk once in a while.

BTW, is this a doublepost? Feels like it, but I can't find anything by searching...
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Sorry, probably not a doublepost. Just remembered that I saw it on boingboing....
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If it is a double-post I apaologize. I searched 5 or 6 times. seems like it contains more trivial posts than anything else. 4 of new posts were based around the band Korn. I haven't browsed around H2G2 enough to get an impression.

Wiki seems to be structured just enough to thrive and become really useful without being overrun with bullshit.
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The chief editor recently wrote a piece which appeared on k5.
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