A selection of Kubrick's photojournalism
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Stanley Kubrick's New York and Chicago [ via ]
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Fantastic photos, and I can definitely see the cinematic aesthetic there. This one, for example, certainly has a Hitchcockian sense of dread about it. :)
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Wow - these are fantastic. I really shouldn't be surprised that a film maker with such good looking movies was also a very good photographer, but it's nice to be able to confirm it. I was about to pick a favorite pic or two, but there are just too many to narrow it down to. Although this one might be my next mix disc cover.
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Kubrick got his start as a still photographer at a young age, always felt that was what ass his long, carefully constructed scenes where about.
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I'd swear this shot is the brown line (or whatever it was called then) as it makes its turn north on Wabash just before the Adams stop.
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Great post!

Stanley had an eye for the classy dames, of course.
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Baby doing a pull-up, dude. What. The. Hell.
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Inspiration for Dr. Strangelove, perhaps?

That was definitely one of my favorites. It has an inscrutable atomic-age kind of SCIENCE vibe to it, which can't help but be a bit over-the-top that it has to poke a bit of fun, as well. Kubrick's genius is to capture all that in a simple photograph.
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I went through the Chicago set on Retronaut, and immediately thought "Achewood". Number ten made me think "Main men of science debated this point". It's at the Merchandise Mart, so I suppose they could be involved in clothing science...
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Yep, that's Kubrick.
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