There's always room for Cello
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Star Wars medly for two cellos. (SLYT)

The Piano Guys have released a handful of amusing videos featuring familiar tunes re-arranged for piano and cello. This time, they've pitted two cellos against each other, with some familiar faces chiming in along the way.
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Darth kills it. If you will excuse me, I've got to take some cello lessons RIGHT NOW.
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This is made of so much awesome, I don't even know where to start! Love cellos!
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Smooth Criminal for two cellos.
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Weirdly, I could not remember that Sulic & Hauser covered Smooth Criminal specifically, only the homoerotic duel, so I was about to post it to the thread, but then wisely decided to click on the links.
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I will start cello lessons now.
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Wait, they're clearly in the throne room of the death star, but they can see the death star out the window... oh whatever it's awesome.
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My son and I just lost our minds over this. He's in Suzuki cello lessons and I think his cello teacher is going to get whomped with the force when he finds out that the next song he has to learn is "French Folk Song" instead of "The Imperial March."

Off to google "light saber cello bows."
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That is fucking stellar! Totally made my day.
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Fantastic. My wife is going to be so thrilled* to see my preponderance for spontaneously trying to use force telekinesis to start the car again. Just when that had died down a little. And thanks to Darth for getting the Cantina song stuck in my head, I don't whistle that one nearly enough already.

* - Heh.
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So I'm a nerd, shut up.
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This is WAY better than my "Schindler's List for Six Saxophones and a Kazoo."
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Dancing Chewbacca and Vader ftw.
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Admit it: you've been working on this since you saw Stephen Colbert last night, haven't you?
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It's days like these that make me happy to be a cellist.
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Stephen Colbert last night

The cello puns were awsome but the William Tapley sequence right after that was just cruel, disgusting, and unnecessary.
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Sorry to play the annoying nerd here, but Mods, could you please correct 'medly' to 'medley'? On the FP, for goodness' sake!
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Truly, medly, deply.
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I'm trying and failing to think of a reason every appearance of stringed instruments on TV should not have the bows replaced by light sabers.

I would watch so many more orchestra concerts on PBS if the string sections were full of Jedi.
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