A bright spot, with watercolors
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I was looking around at the state of using watercolors in animation, but wasn't finding anything really cohesive about the topic.

But here's funky example of it in Breakbot's music video Baby I'm Yours.
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OK, that was really nice. :)
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Yeah, that was a sweet little animation.
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Yeah, but I really like the second one, because it was actually watercolor paintings that were used.

Every since I saw an example of using the medium to animate at the Black Maria Festival about 5-6 years ago, I've been fascinated by the technique. Animation is usually about doing a smooth transition between frames, but watercolors makes that fairly impossible, but adds another level of meaning or vibrancy.
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 11:29 AM on December 16, 2011

I'm not sure what you're looking for regarding the state of using watercolor in animation, but I imagine it's rarely done, due to the difficulty of controlling water color with precision, as you noted.

The main video looks more like computer animation, which would be more in line with the other work in that Vimeo account's collection (Tiji is a preschool-focused TV channel, not an artist's name/handle). The second video looks like water color, and it looks a lot more raw because of it. While the overall image flows, the colors jump from frame to frame, unlike the first animation, which feels more like Disney "animated brush" animation (second example with a different style).
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He can make friends with the Zebra!
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I was feeling a little down this morning and this has definitely helped add positive points to today's emotional balance sheet :)

Thanks for this!
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I want to hug the panda and tell him he is handsome the way he is. Just like zebra, killer whale, polar bear, skunk, and holstein and my cat :)

Black & white animals are the best!
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I found the black and white line-drawing version more interesting because it was more challenging to look at. And it would have been better without DesignSwan's commentary, which was a bit too first-year-art-school for my taste.

Neat animation though!
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That was adorable!
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That was awww!
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The baboon's butt getting mistaken for fruit by the red paintbrush made me laugh.
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Oh man the sad panda made me sad. Don't be sad, panda! You look sharp.
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Fantasia 2000's Carnival of the Animals was watercolor animation.
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Aw. I was kind of hoping the boy would grab a pencil and colour in the panda. I mean, sure, appreciating nature the way it is is great and defacing books is bad... but... I just want the panda to be happy!
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Animators always see themselves as God.
posted by cazoo at 4:05 PM on December 17, 2011

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