whitney music box - var. 0 - chromatic - 48 tines
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whitney music box -- a fantastic animation
You may notice some interesting links between the visuals and the audio, especially if you are a musician. For example, when the pattern forms a 3-arm starfish, the chords you are hearing are diminished chords, which consist of minor thirds, an interval in which the notes are 3 chromatic steps apart. The chords you hear always bear this type of relationship to the pattern you are seeing, consisting of intervals which match the arrangement of arms.
Really, just look, and you'll get it.

More musical balls.
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For whatever reason it was thrilling the first time I recognized there were patterns forming. I'm not a musician or anything, I just like colors and noises.
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Previously, from 5 years ago.
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I can't stop watching.
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I created a simple ball delay trap in the balldropings applet. The tones are lovely, if a bit fast. I'm closing that window now, for fear it'll suck the rest of my day, trying to create more complex, appealing loops. Thanks for these!
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Dang it!
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Ditto on the thanks for these - like filthy light thief, I was entranced by the emergent melodies in the balldroppings app. I only wish I could save the state of a given canvas. Might be time to dust off the old Javascript book...
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FLT you could always decrease gravity and the ball drop rate....
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In balldroppings, with the perfect combination of drop rate, gravity, and height/angle of line, it's possible to get all the balls to bounce at the same time, on the same line. Then you can play with the drop rate to get some interesting patterns.
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I just like watching the patterns form and re-form.
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This has always reminded me 2001 for some reason. The abstract visuals and the atonal music, I guess..
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probably the coolest internet-musicky thing I have ever seen
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This just broke my brain.


Watch in full screen. With headphones.

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looks like I'm not going to get anything done today
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I can't believe how much time I spent staring at those.

It would be fun to play with the periodic interval to see what kinds of patterns form.
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I approve of this post for anagrammatic reasons.
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Sure it's a double, but I'm glad it's here again. I was looking for this just the other day after finding the pendulum waves thread.
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THANK YOU, flabdablet--I was looking for that post too--was going to include it in the "more inside," since it seemed relevant. Neato that we were thinking along the same lines.
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