Left-Handed Toons
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Here is Left-Handed Toons (By Right-Handed People), a weekdaily webcomic drawn by two guys, Justin and Drew, using their "off" hands, and with their "off" brains.  They have a lot of series.  Here's some highlight strips.
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Some that I particuarly like:
Another instant messaging cat.
An owl playing ultimate Frisbee (animated)
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Oh, and these too!
Divorce court
One dog later
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I don't what it says about me that the first one I clicked on was the owl playing ultimate frisbee, and I rushed inside to say "Hey! Some of these are animated! Cool!" before I even read your first comments. Obviously I'm using my "on" brain.
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The first one made me smile. I kept clicking backward looking for another that would actually make me laugh, and I finally quit at "The Living Contest." Maybe I'm misunderstanding the rules, but I don't understand why it was a tie. Doesn't the guy who says "Ha!" win?
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Some of these are hilarious.

JOHN! Don't be trying to fool me with my OWN ABS!
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red clover, I can only suggest that it was a living contest, not a living longer contest. (And compared to infinity, we all live exactly the same amount of time.)
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These people can draw with their left hands better than I can draw with my right hand... and I'm right-handed.
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Anyone else find themselves skipping Justin's comics to get to Drew's? I find his humour and drawing style to be so much more hilarious and creative. For example:

How to Cook Corn on the Cob
Comics for Bees
Important Questions
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I do find I prefer Drew's a bit more, but Justin's good too, just in a different way. Justin's more true-funny than weird-funny. I recognize the mindset that produced the recent comic on ramen very well, and the recent arc involving John's beard is very good.
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i sometimes type one handed but you have no way to verify this.
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I personally love the WHALE! series.
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I broke my right (dominant-hand) wrist right at the beginning of mechanical engineering grad school and was in a thumb spika cast for months. As a result, I had to take my class notes with my left hand. There's something hilarious to me about seeing multi-order partial differential equation solutions (pretty intense engineering calculus) written in the handwriting of a SIX YEAR OLD.
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I like these, although I didn't like most of the ones the OP highlighted as much (sorry).

Regret Foam is pretty awesome.
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