Joey Quits
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"The current economic climate has made it easier than ever for management to exploit employees. Fearful of losing their jobs and facing unemployment, insecure workers often submit to working conditions they otherwise would not tolerate." "The only way to improve working conditions is to organize ourselves to share information and demand respect. The “Joey Quits” video has deterred the Providence Renaissance managers from disrespecting Renaissance workers. We’ve created this site as a way to help other hotel workers share their stories and, by doing so, make change in their unjust workplaces as well."

The band that helps Joey quit with style is the "What Cheer? Brigade", but there are lots of other activist marching bands at Honkfest and Honkfestwest.
This post (convolutedly) inspired by the awesome version of "Killing in the Name of" performed by the George Mason Green Machine band (via BoingBoing).
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Going to work without your union is like going to court without your lawyer. You might be okay. The other side might even be reasonableand agreeable. They might even want something from you, a lot more than you want something from them.

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Video is hilarious
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As someone who has fantasized about being followed by a band ever since I saw the opening scene of Underground, and has also had more than her fair share of crummy jobs, I heartily approve of this.

I don't know that it's Steven Slater epic but still; pretty damn epic.
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Borderline eponysterical! (maybe if it was the Post Office)
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Every year a number of marching bands play to congratulate me for making out of the apartment on a certain Saturday in May. They mark time as I walk by their ranks, approving their efforts. I really feel appreciated when this comes around, as I'm sure everyone does when this happens for them, and them alone.

It is mere coincidence that I live on a sidestreet of a town that hosts a marching band competition every year.
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The “Joey Quits” video has deterred the Providence Renaissance managers from disrespecting Renaissance workers.

That sounds unlikely.
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a different Joe, Joe Hill: Don't mourn for me. Organize.
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He has a band that is really into Serbian Gypsy Brass music, so his video had lots of responses from people who like that music.
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