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The Guggenheim Museum is claiming to be the first museum to begin issuing new exhibit catalogues as e-books for purchase. But even more exciting to the 20th century art history nerd, they've also partnered with the Internet Archive to offer free digitized versions of out-of-print catalogues going back to the 1930s.

If you have trouble with the search, you're not alone. I did too.

This is a hopeful sign - looking forward to many more museums following suit.
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Wow! Thanks for this!
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Great googly moogly.

Thank you.
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(Thank you!)
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This is really incredible, but am I correct that you can't download these? If that's the case, it makes it significantly harder to actually read this, especially if you don't have a tablet.
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OH WOW except everything I've seen appears to be reproduced in grayscale. I thought older catalogs might have not had color in the first place, but then I checked a '90s Kokoschka catalog that is listed as having color plates.
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Aaaaaargh! Whhhhhhhy is it all in FLASH! Otherwise huzzah.
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A lot of older museum catalogues are only in grayscale - it was a cost thing mostly. It is sad.

Yeah, I don't think these are downloadable, at least not just yet. If you'd like download-ability it might not hurt to write to them and say just that.
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You can download them here. Or, when viewing the book at the Guggenheim site, on the front page that shows Internet Archive's scanning watermark at the bottom of the page is the direct URL to the book hosted at IA.
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You can download them here.

You are a scholar and a gentleperson.
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Brilliant! I feel stupid for not looking at the Internet Archive page first! Incidentally, at least a few are in color, including the ones related to Gauguin and Chinese art history.
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That's really exciting. Thanks for sharing.
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Finally! One step closer to the inevitable future of me getting rid of my art-book collection.

I can't look at it right now, what is the resolution like? Can you zoom in like in the google art project?

And OMG The Maurizio Cattalan app is hosted by JOHN WATERS??? wow, that's worth $6 to me, especially since I'll miss the exhibition. (now I just need a tablet...)

The Cattalan ebook is $20. Did anyone buy it? I am curious to know if it is worth it. It links me to Itunes, which I have blocked. Can someone say what format it is in? Thanks!
(Amazon also lists a Kindle edition for $18, but no way I am buying an art book formatted for a non-zooming B&W device.)
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