Free art books online from the Metropolitan and Guggenheim Museums
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I love that you can download many of the ones that are out of print as .pdfs. There are several great reference books that will be great to have available digitally when I go to auctions; others will just be great to have for eye candy.
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There are a couple of previous threads about the Met books, with good recommendations.
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Someone should collect and torrent. It's amazing that a publisher would (and could) release a whole back catalog of OOP works. Makes sense, free advertising for the Met and their holdings, more attention = more value.
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awwwwww nice. diminish tele-vision.
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Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
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THIS will be getting bookmarked as well as passed on.

Many thanks for hours of winter browsing.
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Fantastic post. I'm so glad we live in the future where we can get out-of-print catalogs and books in digital form for free (legally).
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Digging in now, yum yum yum.
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These seem particularly good for their essays. I still flinch when I see an art book that shows B&W reproductions of colour works...

As someone who collects art books, I'm waiting for the perfect tech solution for replacing them. This isn't that, but these are still fabulous to have online.
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