For the retro gamers: A megaman clone!
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Rokko Chan! Want to relieve the nes days with megaman? Now you can - in your browser! Same difficulty and annoying traps as ever :)
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God, I hate playing games like this on a keyboard. I constantly shoot when I mean to jump and vice-versa.

Still, this is well-made. It's kind of a shame that Capcom seems to have decided to stop making retro Mega Man games after 10. (Or indeed any Mega Man games at all.)
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Agreed. Keyboard is bad for this, but this is shockingly well-done.
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This is a stark reminder that I am really, really bad at Megaman.
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To be fair, Megaman is really hard. I recall my friends and I playing it over several months and not one of use could get by the first boss in Dr. Wileys stage (not to mention the hours of play required to get there). It wasn't until my friend was home sick for 2 days and spent the entire time playing that level & boss and writing down the pattern that anyone got past it.

Later, learning the Elecman pausing trick from Nintendo Power helped to turn that boss into a piece of cake (if you survived the first wave of particles).
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I have this deep, adversarial hatred for the Megaman games up until MegaMan X. Gameplay where you have to memorize exactly where the problem areas are because you have no ability to deal with them on the fly (suddenly appearing enemies knocking you into pits CONSTANTLY) just drive me into a RAGE. And yet, I have this bizarre love for the Dragon's Lair series, which is ENTIRELY memorization.. I can't figure it out.
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I have this idea for a platformer game that's kind of like You Wanna Be The Guy, except instead of coming up with all kinds of crazy ways to kill the player, just being fair about it, that is, every pit that could have a surprise enemy fly up and try to knock you in, would have one. Because the player would become used to it, and learn to anticipate at every pit, every spike, every ledge and ladder, that an enemy would try to attack the player, not out of the blue, but just taking situational advantage. Because playing that way is how you become good, generally, at platformers.

(Not that I'm that good. At least, not anymore.)
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Aw man, when you said "In your browser", I got excited, thinking this'd be an html5 megaman clone. Wishful thinking.
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