Guantanamo: An Oral History
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Hmm, the "?currentPage=all" thing didn't work, but here's the print link if you want it all on one page.

Also, since I'm the first poster -- how about we try not to derail this immediately and focus on the actual content rather then turn it into the usual back and forth that always seems to crop up in threads on this topic?
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Homunculus posted the link in the FPP yesterday, but it's an excellent article which deserves its own post.
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Sami al-Hajj (former detainee): You know the force feeding itself is torture. They come and put you in chairs. They lock you from here and here and here, on the arms. And from the middle, from the legs also, and already there is a shackle on your legs and also they put something on your head. And they try to put it for you by force in your nose, yes, and at the end, when they take it, blood is coming.
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"Guantanamo: An Oral History"

So much more pleasant than Guantanamo: An Anal History
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From the last page of the fpp, which it doesn't seem many people took the time to read and/or comment on:

Guantánamo is a very small part of the problem. At one point, when we had accurate statistics, we could say that 98 percent of the “ghost prisoners” held by the U.S. were not in Guantánamo. There probably are about 10,000 people in other prisons, if you take in Iraq and Afghanistan, Djibouti, and all the other places. So you’re talking about the overwhelming majority being somewhere else. Bagram is the next big obvious problem. And, you know, the prisoners in Bagram are worse off than anyone in Guantánamo, as the Guantánamo prisoners will tell you.

Jesus fucking christ...

...this illustrates what an empty gesture the closing of Guantanamo would be, and people are going to vote for the fuckers that made this happen and continue to allow this to happen...cause we need to give Obama a majority in Congress right? Check and mate republicans. Wait whats that? His own party is siding with the republicans sabotaging his "attempts" to close Guantanamo? DOH!!!

Fuck the republican party and fuck the democratic party and fuck any politician who voted for any bill that made this possible

So basically I have to vote for a democrat because they are less evil? How is that possible when both parties are complicit in this shit. What's that? the democrats are less evil because they will give us gay marriage and abortion rights and free healthcare for everyone? Hmmm it seems that in this case the good/evil equation does not add up. So if a party stands for things that will personally benefit me it's not evil or at least "less evil", but if a party stands for things that will not personally benefit me and that I disagree with they are evil. Did I get that right? This goes for both parties they are both responsible. I am criticizing democrats mainly because thats the toilet I've thrown my vote down since I turned 18.

I'm a white male so this might sound a little hypocritical coming from me, but here goes.(I am speaking to my fellow Americans/USians/protofascist bootlickers here. The rest of you seem pretty cool.) In my opinion OWS needs to shut the fuck up about their rights. Women need to shut the fuck about their rights. Homosexuals need to shut the fuck up about their rights. African Americans need to shut the fuck up about their rights. Latinos need to shut the fuck up about their rights. Middle class fascist tea party white american types need to shut the fuck up about their rights.(I think we can all agree on this one) I need to shut the fuck up about my rights. Basically every American citizen needs to shut the fuck up about their rights until we get up off our collective asses and vote both major parties out of office. At the end of the day if we do not end this and take responsibility as a people we are going to deserve everything that's coming our way...and it is coming whether you believe it or not.
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Oh right, I forgot Americans don't really care about their own rights either anymore; as long as they are supplied with food, teh interwebtubes, pot, beer, cool music, skyrim(guilty as charged), and other petty dalliances. So disregard above rant my bad. See you all at the Reichstag.
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