Happy at 100
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Karsten Thormaehlen captured the wisdom and joy of aging by photographing centenarians.

(Apologies in advance for the small photos)
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Lovely photos. If I should be lucky enough to hit 100, I hope I look half as good as these fine folks.
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I'll tell you this. Getting older has its pains, but by Christ, I wouldn't be under thirty again for anything. Not for *anything*.
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I'm not on board for the whole joy of aging thing. Getting older sucks terribly. The only thing that can be said for it is that it is usually better than the alternative.
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Interviewer to centenarian: I'm not sure I'd want to live to be 100 myself.

Centenarian: That's because you've never been 99.
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I've been lucky enough to be on tennis teams with ladies that are in their upper 70s. Getting older doesn't always have to "suck terribly". Sometimes it means you can kick someone's ass sideways on the court and then rub your wrinkly hands together and laugh and laugh and laugh in an awesome witch cackle.
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I'll see your centenarian portraits and raise you portraits of nude Japanese centenarian women by Manabu Yamanaka.
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I don't know what I thought 100 looked like, but these folks don't look it. And I'm totally going to start practicing my awesome witch cackle at 85ish, if I'm around.
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