David Wants To Fly
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German filmmaker David Sieveking had just finished film school and was a huge fan of David Lynch. How could he pass up the opportunity to see Lynch when he came to speak about creativity and how to unlock it? How could he possibly fathom that the lecture would lead him on a five year voyage into the world of Transcendental Meditation, viewing the movement from within and without, with an accepting and then a critical eye, and ultimately would lead him on a journey to the source of the Ganges and yield a feature-length documentary, Sieveking's first movie? For a limited time, David Wants To Fly can be viewed at the Link TV website in its entirety. [~95min]
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unavailable in Canada.
posted by neuromodulator at 8:56 PM on January 17, 2012

Damn, sorry about that. Impossible for me to check such things. :(
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Unavailable in Australia as well, so perhaps it's US only. I'll keep looking around for it, the topic sounds interesting. Huge Lynch fan as the name might suggest, and his work was a huge influence in my getting in to film making myself, but the whole TM thing just rubs me the wrong way. Also other things I don't remember well enough to bring up here (and the SOPA blackout seems to have knocked some of the sites quoting his comments offline for a bit).

So thanks for the heads up at least.
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I am so excited about this! I've wanted to watch it sense I saw the trailor over at the anti-TM blog.

Thanks for posting this!
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Ironically, this film by a German filmmaker is not available in Germany either.
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yes, not working in germany.
It says Regions: North America in the description, so I would guess it should work in canada...
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Great post. Just finished watching (I live in the U.S.). "David Wants to Fly" is very well done - a well-told and compelling story. David Sieveking has made an excellent film about personal discovery and following one's instincts through thick and thin, in search of knowledge and self-understanding. I really admire Seiveking's "get up and go", and willingness to this adventure all the way to the end. In addition to being very good entertainment, I learned a lot. Thumbs up!
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