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Archetype is a seven minute sci-fi short by Aaron Sims, which despite being a no-budget project, features amazingly high quality special effects.
"RL7 is an eight-foot tall combat robot that goes on the run after malfunctioning with vivid memories of once being human. As its creators and the military close in, RL7 battles its way to uncovering the shocking truth behind its mysterious visions and past."
An interview with Sims can be found here.

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Saw this on IO9 the other day and loved it. Very reminiscant of District 9, would totally pay to see a feature length version in the cinema.
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Neat. It's more a teaser than a film.

If you freeze frame, you see that Dr Carter joined 3 years before he was born. Which is interesting.
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I like it; as a teaser it really works.

"no-budget project", though? Sims has been working in the industry since the 80s, according to the interview. He was a concept artist for The Incredible Hulk and Green Lantern I'd imagine his abilities and connections are a large part of what makes this no-budget teaser look as good as it does, not to mention that it's a pitch for funding for a larger film.

That's not a criticism of the final product at all. I'd still watch it - if only to give me a shred of hope that maybe a future iteration of the Predator drone could feel pity.
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Seeing how these small team, high production value teasers aren't that special anymore, maybe we'll start seeing more meaningful things than sci-fi clich├ęs. Or maybe that's the only thing special effects are good for.
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I'm not sure that "Robocop, but in the even more distant future" is all that non-cliche.
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In the words of Robot Randy, "I don't wanna destroy things!"
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This is pretty cool. I don't really understand how it's 'no-budget' though, and it's more of a 5 minute short with 2 minutes of credits than a 7 minute short.
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And this is why I like to use 7400 TTL logic for all my armor plated killing machines. No remorse. No guilt. No repressed memories. And if they run amok, you can take them out by touching them after shuffling your feet across a shag carpet.
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Imagine a world where a real sci-fi author spent a day thinking about the plot before endless CGI was bolted on. Now back to transformers.
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I would watch this! Here's hoping it's picked for the full monty.
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This short was sure pretty, but it didn't really make me care. That said, I'm really happy that the current relative accessibility to effects technology and decent filmmaking equipment means that this sort of neat little thing can happen more frequently.
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And this is why I like to use 7400 TTL logic for all my armor plated killing machines.

Meh. The 7400 always had problems actuating convergent servos. Put one of those variegated algorithmic logic sequencers in a C.Ra.B., program it to strafe, and at best it manages a side shuffle. Work great as dishwashers, though.
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So its Robocop III?

- on another note, the titles at the end look quite cheap. I don't see how that "wacky" framing messing around is actually preferable to a clean standard looking scrolling type on black.

Why waste money re-inventing the wheel when no-one gives a shit.
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I know, right?! No originality whatsoever, fucking copycats. I mean Metropolis came out ninety years ago, and they just keep remaking it.

Assholes need some new material, AMIRITE?
posted by P.o.B. at 1:40 PM on January 24, 2012

I liked the titles. Scrolling text on a black background gets old after the 100,000th time you've seen it. Why not add some style?
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Finally got around to watching this. It's definitely derivative but there's nothing wrong with a new take on the classic concepts.
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Saw this the other day. For some reason I'm vaguely annoyed that the robot's voice is so human sounding.
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