Two robots and a sampler
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House music, particularly French house, relies heavily on sampling bits of material from all kinds of audio sources (i.e disco and classic rock). Find out how it works and where the samples from dozens of house tracks originated in this series of excellent youtube videos.
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Are you me? I just watched this series last weekend. Great stuff.

Evil Stereo (the guy who made the videos) happens to have a couple of decent French House-y Eps, available for free download: Free Samples (linked in the video description) and Angel.

And if you can't get enough of these type of videos, here's another and yet one more (though there is some overlap).
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Amazing, thank you. And can I just say that most samples sound better than the originals.
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In the first linked video, the Shante sample starting at about 1:50 is different from the one in the subsequent track. I believe it was Shante saying "we came here tonight to get started," but that wasn't in the sample played in the video.

The filter sweep in "Salt Lick" by Mylo makes me miss my old Prophet 3000.
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Dude just said Biz Mark sucks. How do I know I can trust anything else he says. :(
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Symbiod beat me to it. Nobody beats the Biz.
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Thanks, that's really interesting.
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Your favorite old school rapper is a sucker MC.
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