of Spivs, Cosh boys & Creepers
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And villainous cigarettes!

This is great, madamjujujive. It didn't end up where I expected it would at all, and the pictures are wonderful.
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Been struggling through England's Dreaming, a rather too exhaustive history of the Sex Pistols that's way too detailed for long stretches but an overall fascinating read. When the author discusses punk fashion, he goes back to the Teddy Boys, not just in terms of the roots of the look, but also the attitude, the worldview, and the neighborhoods. Pretty neat to have a closer look at these young kids with their skinny ties and trousers up to their nipples.
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Very nice, thanks.... Interesting to see the differences in how young people "rebel", how trends ebb and flow between ages and countries, and cultures....
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Fantastic link; thanks, madam.
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Picture of Michael John Davies from the Daily Mail August 1953. The cigarette must have been added by the paper for villainous effect. MJD was a non-smoker.

It's good to see some things never change.
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Fantastic site, hours of reading. Thanks, madamjujujive.
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dng, now the trend is tobacco bowlderization: some iconic disappearing acts.
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When I look at pictures like this, I can't help but imagine those faces in hoodies.
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Grew up in Clapham but never knew about this. Fascinating stuff.
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That entire blog (http://www.nickelinthemachine.com/) looks great.
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I live near Clapham and some things never change - there are various pictures on walls about the place of teens knifed or shot.

Like this one, on the 137 bus route mentioned in the article.

Testosterone and knives: a poor combination.
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@Marisa Stole the Precious Thing

England's Dreaming is one of my favourite books - there's a few pictures of Malcolm McLaren in full Ted regalia in there.
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Neato - I live like 5 minutes away from the common. I'll never look at it the same again.
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SO much better than track suits.
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John Lennon was a Teddy Boy in his youth, there's even a picture out there of him in an Edwardian get up. Later Paul, poking fun/smary nostalgia (whatelse with Paul) captured the moment in time with the song "Teddy Boy" originally meant to be released on the White Album, only to be released later as a solo project.
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