Dementia be Damned
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Dementia be Damned [via mefi projects] With dementia and brain related links, personal stories about good and trying times, and information about the latest research, it's a fascinating read about a woman with lots of personality and her amazing Mom.

"My sister was diagnosed with dementia last month. Finding information on the dementia in patients with intellectual disabilities is proving to be a challenge. I've decided to start blogging about my sister, her diagnosis and anything I learn about dementia, particularly for patients like her, along the way. " from Mefi's own onhazier.
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On a related a topic, there's also a blog written by a dementia patient who was diagnosed with bvFTD in 2010.
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Thanks for drawing attention to this project. It is amazing how much confusion still persists about dementia; I've had some of my mom's doctors say "she has Alzheimer's" and when I quickly asked them if they meant "dementia," they'd say "oh, yeah, I meant dementia." Unreal. I like to see that some people are doing their best to clarify the situation.
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Wow, this is a fantastic blog. There are so many great posts I feel like it's going to take me months to read them all. I remember being shocked when I learned that basically all people with Down's Syndrome develop progressive dementia pathology (anatomic pathology, not necessarily symptoms) by their 30s. It's easy to overlook issues like dementia in developmentally disabled populations because their premorbid functioning is already below average, but the impact on their daily functioning can be severe and brings with it such complex issues for caregivers. Thanks for posting.
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I thought this is a pretty fascinating read. I love the simplistic phrasing. Like there isn't judgement of her sister, more a desire to understand what is going on in her sister's head. And then she throws in scientific information, too.

Thanks for sharing this.
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This is right up my alley (the brain! aging! combinations thereof! [and sometimes specifically not combinations thereof! which is even more interesting!]).

Thanks for posting, 5_13_23_42_69_666, and thanks for making it, onhazier.
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There was just an article in the local paper about a woman who was recently diagnosed with dementia at age 35. It's so easy to convince yourself that dementia is an old person's disease and then you read stories like these.
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Thank you so much for posting about my blog. I am honored you feel it worthy of the blue. Both my Mom and I greatly appreciate the feedback and hope you will continue to read and learn along with us. If you ever think of something that pertains to the blog, I welcome direct contact.
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Very touching and made me want to call up my brother. Thanks for what you do with this.
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Thanks for the post and thanks to the original creator for the blog itself, it's very informative and enlightening.
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