Page by Page Review of the Back to the Future Novelisation
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I present to you a page by page review of the novelisation of the movie Back to the Future. The review is being undertaken by Ryan North, who also creates the very funny webcomic Dinosaur Comics.
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Read the first page. Definitely liking this. BTW, Back to the Future is the third best film ever made, after Taxi Driver and Twelve Angry Men.
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Damn, this is fantastic. Don't mind me, I'll be listening to some stereo rock music on my tiny but powerful Walkman stashed in a book while catching up with this.
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If you can't wait for the next installment of this exciting saga, there is a copy of the novelization available on eBay. Opening bid is $8.50, auction ends in five days.
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Well this is great.
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If you run into Jeffrey Jones at Teen Discipline Enforcement Camp, call the police immediately.
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Fun read. Is there an age over which the site navigation does not make sense? It seems confusing and non-linear. I don't want to have to ask my kids to read it to me.
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this is awesome.
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PRO TIP: Start with the oldest post at the bottom of this page, then work your way back to theā€¦ well, you know.
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SUPER PRO TIP: Search by tags and append "/chrono" to restore the space-time continuum.
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So good.
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Damn. Why didn't my school have a mistress of discipline?
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The super pro tip, unfortunately, fails when some of the posts aren't tagged as bttf.

You don't want to miss Marty Quest.
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One of the worst things about the internet is things I'm interested in made impossible to enjoy or follow by a shit interface.
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This was the only movie novelization I read as a kid and I LOVED IT. It was the book that pointed out to me the Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall difference, hadn't noticed it in the film before that.

I love this review project, but yeah, holy crappy presentation.
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Here's a "Pro Tip" "Life Hack:" Subscribe to the RSS feed. If you use Google Reader, it should have the oldest entries cached for you. You can even go Feed Settings -> Sort by Oldest and read them in order.
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I love how Doc Brown is turned into a low-budget version of Walter from Fringe in the tie-in.
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I love that he not only linked to the most horrifically-written fan fic of all time, but also did a dramatic reading and posted it with a MJF action figure background. Awesome. But I still feel like I missed a post because of that interface.
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PRO-TIP: Imagine the entire thing is being narrated by whatever voice you have imagined for T-Rex.
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I was just going to say what justkevin just said. WE ARE MIND BUDDIES!
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the illicit unit slid tantalizingly across the waxed tile in slow motion
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Guys, tumblr isn't that hard to figure out.
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Maybe a link to the site instead of the archive will help?
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I don't know. I'm eighteen and I feel that interface is badly designed, mainly because the older posts happen to go right to left, which for non-arabic speakers becomes rather unintuitive.

Maybe I'm old by internet time.
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It's not fair that Ryan North gets so much of the world's share of hilarity. This is far funnier than I thought it possibly could be.

I need to become an official Ryan North fangirl. What's the word for that? Northhead? Northbot? T-Rexes?
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I rolled my eyes when I saw this post said to myself, "Ugh. Why would I want to read ... by Ryan North?!" CLICK!
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I read the hebrew translation of this novelization as a kid, and I had read it before watching the movies (I had distant memory echoes of watching Back to the Future 2 when I was 3). I found the movie didn't live up to the novelization!

The sequels are pretty amusing, too.
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