Superman! The official book.
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Last Son of Krypton was released in 1978 as a tie-in to Superman! The movie. It was written by Comic Book Supremo Elliot S! Maggin, and based on Maggin's own treatment for a Superman film. Despite being badly written, and having a completely different plot to the film, the book was extremely successful.
[Bonus Materials: The original novel ; The unofficial novel; Elliot S! Maggin Interview; A review]
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Oo thanks for the links! I'll be reading the novel later today!
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Badly written or not, the story is much more interesting, deep and developed than the movie. Too bad Maggin got passed over.
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And don't forget Miracle Monday, Maggin's second Superman novel.

Maggin's version of Luthor is definitely my favorite. I reread the novels every once in a while as a tonic to the lame corporate version even though Maggin's moral absolutism makes me wince.
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I remember reading a novelized Superman book a long time ago. I remember it involved Superman traveling to another planet and Luthor following him using a spaceship filled with plants (for food and oxygen). The only other thing I remember is when he returned to earth he flew through the sun to make sure he killed any alien germs or whatever he may have picked up.

Was that this book? If not, anyone else know what I'm talking about?
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Yes, Bonzai, that sounds like Last Son of Krypton.
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Bonzai: I think it is the same book.
I read the book when I was 9 or so, and despite being mightily confused by it, I'd somehow managed to hold onto enough information for me to be reminded about it after watching Smallville. I was going to take it to AskMe, but decided that *this time*, I'd use that Google thing people get so excited about.
What's weird to me is the stuff I'd remembered. I'd completely forgotten the Einstein connection, but the school scene with the plastic egg shrieked "You've read this before" at me.
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I preferred the following year's The Avengers and the Man Who Stole Tomorrow as a youngster.
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I too have vague memories of reading this book. The only part I clearly remember is the part where Lex tries to abbreviate Superman to "Supe," and then asks if he can call him "turkey noodle."

Good stuff...
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Last Son of Krypton was the first novel I ever read, and as such I've got a great deal of affection for it, and for Miracle Monday. I've re-read each several times over the last twenty-plus years, and I actually find that I enjoy them more with each reading.

Maggin's take on the Clark/Lex relationship is spot-on perfect, and probably my favorite element of the two books. The fact that the same direction was taken on Smallville is the main reason I watch that show, despite the constant Monster of the Week plots.
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