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obsessedwithshoes is just that, including a brief history of designer shoes. Shoerazzi is another.
If these are too modern you can always check out Footwear of the Middle Ages.
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OMG, Shoes. (Possibly NSFW)
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Welp, there goes my productivity for the evening....

Seriously, thanks for posting this! :D
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The first two don't begin to compare with Manolo.
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I have observed that the difference between fetish-wear and haute-couture are the details that make a man go "Yeah!" and a woman go "Cute!"

Bonus: Kermit has a shoe fetish.
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sometimes I take this book on shoemaking out from the library...
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Can somebody please explain to me the recent trend for super-high high heels? I mean, I get that it's kind of a fetish thing, but it makes women taller than their boyfriends. Are women into that now?
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