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Yung Jake, who also has a great song about datamoshing, drops a new track on internet fame as a means to acquiring internet fame. It appears to be accompanied by some sort of internetface that isn't loading. Maybe if you stopped clicking on the link it would work...
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Hmmm. A FPP that says, "Stop. Go no further." Unusual.
posted by SPrintF at 3:45 PM on March 23, 2012

Very clever, but...should warn people that the 'internetface' link spews dozens of windows and shit all over...
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Eh, play with it some more. When you close that main window it opened, the others go away.
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I don't think I'll bother going back to that page to experiment, thanks all the same.
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sorry. It hadn't been working for the last hour or so... I tried to ambiguously mention it was down and posted only to have "internetface" link betray its daylong lethargy and muck up your desktop...forgive my shortcomings...I am to someday become a more facile contributor and won't burden you with my ineptitude. Until then, let us enjoy net art informed rap music via select video-sharing services.
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Facebook My Favorite Song
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God he sounds bored.
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God he sounds bored.

Listening to the Datamosh song, it sounds like that might be what he was going for? He's basically mocking it. "You think it's your bandwidth, but I'm doing it. Look what I can do with this picture off google. Watch me move this girl with my haa-aand" I thought it was funny.

Maybe the other video is meant to be taken the same way? Like "look at all this ridiculous crap", in which case, I approve.

There seems to be this large chunk of the web now that exists only to talk about itself. That was certainly true back in the Slashdot era (or early metafilter) but that was mostly about technology. But now it's mostly about new "sites" or "apps" that basically just amount to the same boring social network/social media idea with slightly different UI metaphor - and entirely full of boring people spamming each-other hoping to be the next Robert Scoble or, I don't know, Julia Allison.

Or maybe the song is sincere and he really does like this stuff. In which case I imagine you're supposed to listen to the song stoned.
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Click here, crazy things happen! Isn't this Inter-net the best! Now I have to get a better Mo-dem.
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Oh, huh. That makes a lot more sense actually. So hard to know the right layer of irony to interpret things at, these days.. :P *shakes cane*
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