It's your birthday. Your Mom gives you some tube socks. What do you do?
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cool this is like what Cactusquid was doing a few years ago
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The games of Pedro Paiva are similarly bent.
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The games of Pedro Paiva are similarly bent.

Wow. Stuff like Mel Gibson The Hedgehog Se Veste De Negro have a certain of grandeur to them when you consider that all those glitchy effects take work to create in HTML5.
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It's strange and it makes me feel so good. Very weird earthbound feel to it that makes me tingle inside.
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yeah this is definitely earthbound caliber
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I'm still looking through Pedro Peiva's stuff:

In Macaco Grande, your mission is to combat an infestation of monkeys who are terrorizing the city. Each level is a building that must be traveled vertically, using stairs and platforms and without touching the monkeys and coconuts what they throw - a very similar gameplay with 2D vertical shoot'em ups and a sincere tribute to the old arcade classics about monkeys.

At the top of each building is the terrible Macaco Grande, the bigger gorilla of the world, who all other monkeys follows. Defeat him and free the city of this evil!

The art on the Macaco Grande himself is terrific. Note however, if you play it, I wasn't able to discover a way to quit the game without Ctrl-Alt-Del > End Task.
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As for Vidiot Game, well, it's random. It also gets old pretty quick. You get a bunch of random scenes. Every scene seems to have a "right" way to tackle it, whether it's play a mini game, solve a simple puzzle or answer a question. Once you learn what all the right things to do are, it's just a matter of playing through enough scenes to win, hoping you don't get one of the action scenes when it's too hard to complete.

Note: pressing "Enter" brings up a fairly silly pause screen.
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Yikes, looks like their site went down. Just today?
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"This account has been suspended.
Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources." for
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